Caitlin Dewey

Announcing TK, a crowdsourced, 48-hour zine

Inspired by premature college nostalgia and the incredible Longshot mag, my friend Kuan Luo and I are squeezing one last project into our time at SU.

Next week, on May 10 and 11, we will crowdsource a zine in less than 48 hours. The name, TK, comes from a journalistic acronym: If you need to look up a fact or figure, you write TK (“to come”) as a placeholder and update the story later. It serves as a metaphor for the crowdsourcing process, but also for the point we’re at in our lives. We plan to gather work from and about graduating seniors, giving us one last chance to work together and document our time here.

Find more details about the project on Tumblr, where we post updates, editorial guidelines, and hints to the zine’s theme.

2 comments on “Announcing TK, a crowdsourced, 48-hour zine

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